Social media basics

Social Media Marketing Basics

Whether you are a small local business or a large corporation, social media marketing is relevant. No matter the scope, size, market or industry, every company should take social media marketing very seriously. It is a way for your company and brand to have a personality, interact with patrons and customers and be able to offer promotional items, updates on sales and other updates about the business. In general, if your company has yet to jump on social media or may have created a few profiles but they sit stagnant and stale, it is time to create a social media plan for your audience.

First, the reason why your customers and other individuals follow, like or connect with you on social media is because they have a true interest in your product or service. Their intentions on following you is in hopes of updates about your business and relevant information on your market. Without having regular status updates on your profiles, your followers will quickly dwindle and it says a lot about your company. Think of it this way; if you were to follow a business on Facebook, for example, and they did not update regularly, wouldn’t that say they do not take their followers and fans very seriously?

It can be difficult to choose which social media platforms you need to be on. With dozens and dozens of popular platforms, how do you know which profiles to concentrate on? First and foremost, Facebook and Twitter are musts. Everyone is either very active on Facebook or Twitter, so setting up a profile on these channels should be your first move.

Depending on the kind of company or business you have you may want to create a profile on Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube. Each of these channels caters to a different crowd and can let you create a different style of message to your following.

After creating these profiles you need to update the descriptions, display pictures, cover photos and so on. Each social media platforms has different ways to customize, so make sure to do so depending on the platform. Most importantly make sure all of the graphics and images used or either professionally created or utilize stock graphic websites. No one wants to land on a social media profile with photos taken from an iPhone 4 or graphics made in the late 90’s. You’re setting a brand image for your company so make sure all the graphics and images relate to your business.

The last basic item to take into consideration is before inviting friends and family or starting any kind of marketing is fill up your pages with status updates; even if it is general information or facts about what you offer. Even add in images or videos that pertain to your business. This way when new individuals and potential customers land on your social media page it will look interesting and as if it has been up and running for quite some time.

A basic overview of the social media basics:

* Create social media pages on relevant platforms

* Upload professional and quality graphics/images to the your profile

* Fill out all descriptions and input fields so new followers can learn about your company

* Include several status updates prior to inviting friends or marketing the page

At Pantoo we take care of all your social media needs, whether it is creating profiles or creating a marketing plan for your company.