How to hire a digital marketing agency

How to Choose and Work with a Digital Agency

Congratulations! If you’re considering hiring a digital agency, it means your business project is ready to flourish! Undoubtedly, an agency can become a powerful resource in your endeavors to push the business forward. Hiring the right agency means acquiring a reliable partner who will provide you with a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of digital marketers, designers, developers, and content creators for a comparatively low cost (as opposed to hiring them individually). So, the question is how to choose the right digital agency for you.

Be prepared

Do your homework and be ready to tell the agency partner in an explicit and measurable manner what your business goal is. Outline the overall situation of the market and identify specific challenges the project may encounter in reaching its goal. Clear business goals and specific tasks will help you start an intelligent conversation, select the right agency, and evaluate the agency’s work at the end of the project.

Some agencies can help you set your goals and define ways to achieve them. Through conducting solid research, the agency team is capable of providing you with a marketing strategy and a step-by-step implementation plan. However, it will require additional resources, including time. So, if a digital agency has to start working on a website, social media marketing, or search optimization right away, you need to provide them with detailed information about your business, consumer, goal, and challenges together with a clear task.

Do the math

How much are you ready to invest in digital marketing? Will those expenses ensure achievement of your goals? If you do not know how much needs to be invested ask a few agencies to estimate average costs of, for example, designing a website or bringing your business to Google’s top search results.

I’d also recommend being open about your budget and goals with the agency partner. It is the agency’s job to find the most effective digital solution within available resources.

Selection Process

Ok, when you know where your business is heading and how much you can invest, it is time to look for a digital agency. Pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Knowledge and Expertise. It is the key value you acquire when you hire a digital agency. So, make sure that people you will work with have enough experience and skills to handle your project. You may want to check if the agency is recognized on the market, if its employees have professional education, if they have a well-developed portfolio, etc. It would be plus, though it is not necessary, if the agency also has experience in your field.
  2. A healthy agency culture. This is really important. The agency is formed by people, and these people will bring you the knowledge and expertise you are looking for, so look for them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and ask for recommendations. And make sure you click with the agency folks. You are going to hire them for at least 6 months and, trust me, you are going to spend a good portion of your time with them.
  3. Evaluate the proposal the agency will offer you. Check how they respond to the RFP, if solutions proposed are effective and relevant, how those solutions will help you reach your goals, etc.

Open weekly time on your schedule

Once you pick the agency and tasks are assigned, do not disconnect from the process. There will be things you will be in charge of. For example, you might have to run a photoshoot to provide your web designer with unique pictures for a future website. Moreover, the agency will need you to answer their questions and give them a confirmation to move the project to the next step. In other words, when you buy a service from a digital agency, you do not buy a ready-to-go product. You sign up for a multistep process which requires your involvement. If you don’t think you’ll be available at least one day a week, assign someone from your company to be the single point of contact.

Happy hunting!