Instagram dual-live

Dual-Live on Instagram: why it is awesome and what to do with it

On Tuesday (OCT 24) Instagram rolled out probably the biggest feature for LIVE since its launch in January 2017. Now we can invite a friend to our broadcasts! While I am still waiting for this feature to be available on my account, I decided to share a few ideas about ways to use the dual-live.

To start, let’s figure out why this can be important for business accounts.

In terms of promotion, inviting friends to LIVE sessions can increase the reach and engagement of your account in general. Firstly, both the host and the guest’s followers will be watching and engaging with the LIVE-content.  So, more people will discover your project on Instagram and the engagement with your channel can double or triple or (put your dream growth number here) depending on guest’s influence. Secondly, social media experts expect the audience to interact with dual-live icon more willingly than with solo-live Icon. The new icon, which appears above the Instagram news feed next to Stories or regular LIVE icons, clearly shows that there are two people LIVE. Thus, Jeff Seih  (@jeffsieh), naming dual-live sessions “LIVE-shows”, expects that just this extra icon will cause people to join the session. It means that people who usually do not engage with LIVE content may now be more motivated.

In terms of storytelling, the dual-live feature opens numerous opportunities for creativity. So, here are my first ideas how you can use this new feature to tell people more about your project and personality.

  • Invite another industry expert to your LIVE show. You both can share the knowledge with the audience, share different opinions on the same question, or complement each other’s strong sides. Let’s say you are a tea or coffee producer. Invite a tea sommelier or barista to talk about the variety of leaves or grains, the importance of using a natural additive to a drink, to tell the audience how to brew tea or coffee at home, etc.
  • Run an interview with anyone you think your audience would like to know more about. This way of using dual-live should be perfect for newspapers, radio channels, and others.
  • Provide consultations. This way of using dual-live can be a great option for those who provide professional services. Announce in advance that you will be answering questions LIVE, ask your audience to prepare questions, and invite them to join the session. Once you are LIVE you can invite someone to your show, run a short Q&A session with the guest, and then invite the next person.

Lastly, I think that dual-live feature will result in increasing number of people going online. The LIVE feature is not among the most popular things people do on Instagram. As of today, around 6% of US Internet users in the 16-34 age group used LIVE feature on Instagram vs. 21% who created a story. This happens because not everybody feels comfortable going LIVE and talking to a smartphone screen. Going LIVE with a friend could break the barrier, and more people may start to go LIVE.