#WednesdayDiscovery: Fashionistas on Instagram

According to GlobalWebIndex, 29% of US Instagram users demonstrate the interest in fashion and style. These users are very active on the platform and so far demonstrated the highest level of engagement with Instagram in comparison with other segments we have analyzed within our #WednesdayDiscovery. Interestingly, that fashionistas share the same motivations to be on […]

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#WednesdayDiscovery: Photography Admirers on Instagram

Many fields have hit the highest growth possible in recent times; Photography is one among them. The evolution of new mirrorless, DSLR, point and shoot cameras have contributed to this growth. And smartphones have made it possible for the amateurs to shoot excellent pictures. All these pictures taken by professionals and phone photographers have to […]

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USA Internet Users

#WednesdayDiscovery: US Internet User Personal Interests

The United States is one of the largest online markets worldwide. The audience is diverse and personal interests vary widely , depending on age, gender, lifestyle, and other factors. However, even a look at generic data can form an understanding about the uniqueness of American Internet users. Thus, the majority of Americans demonstrate interest in music (56%), food (55%), TV (51%), and movies (50%), which correlates with the […]

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Fine Art

#WednesdayDiscovery: Fine Art Admirers

According to GlobalWebIndex, 28% of US Instagram users demonstrate interest in fine arts. These users actively interact with content that further develops their pursuits, as well as contribute their own compositions. Interestingly, admirers of the fine arts use Instagram not only to stay in touch with their friends and acquaintances, but also to maintain awareness […]

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